my sweet boy myles has had a little issue with his rear now for a couple of months. i noticed scooting. we thought it was just anal glands that needed expressing. that was done but according to the vet it was thick. she thought he had an infection. he had one round of antibiotics. he didn't really get better. the area was red. i took him back to the vet when a different vet in the same office said he had a bad infection. she gave him a stronger antibiotic, pain meds and showed me that he actually had an abscess (literally a hole) near his bum. she told me to give him warm compresses to the area which i did, i just microwaved wet paper towels and held it on the area. it seemed soothing. she said neosporin wouldn't work because he'd likely just lick it off. i gave him the antibiotics he seemed better. oh, all the while he was pooping normally, the consistency, the amount and the frequency. i didn't take him back to the vet. well, today i notice the hole is back. it seems actually a little bigger, same vicinity. it bleeds a little, i'm thinking when he goes or if he scoots to soothe himself that reinjures the area but how can i get him to stop?

i will take him back to the vet this week but in the meantime i thought i'd see if any of you had experience with this. what's going on with my boy? is there anything i can do at home that might help?
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