He called again, I didn't answer, but this time he left a voicemail. Said he's worried about me because it's been a week since he's heard from me and he knows I'm not doing okay. He was worried about me all day and he wants to know that I'm okay. He wants to know if I still need money and I need to contact him so he can send it to me. If there is anything he can do for me he'd "love" to do it. I deleted the voicemail.

He hurt me. Badly, as everyone who has seen my posts know. And yet he acts like it's nothing and he didn't do anything. Like he doesn't know what I could possibly be going through, like he didn't just leave me and decide to kick me out of his life because he chose to keep the other woman he was cheating on me with around instead of me when I gave him a choice.

But I do need money desperately and he knows I put myself in a financial hole to see him because when we were still together he promised to pay for half of my expenses when I got back. And I need to pay for my mandatory french classes that I need to stay in the country, and a mandatory exam for university, but I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO HIM BY ANY MEANS. I am not a horrible person, but I could send him a paypal invoice in the amount I need and call it a day. But even that is too much for me as I don't want any contact with him. Should I just do that and hope that he sends the money, or bit the bullet and call or email?
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He doesn't care about your financial situation. He cares about pulling your strings and maintaining his hold on you. He's dangling the money like a carrot. If this was out of the "goodness of his heart" and he knows you need money and he knows he agreed to pay it then there is nothing stopping him from putting a check in the freaking mail. As someone who is dealing with this same kind of man, I'm telling you he will find one excuse after another to manipulate his way back in your life and make it harder for you to move on. My ex even wants to know how my mama is doing. You'll still be dealing with his crap a year later because like me you don't want to be a "horrible person". I say if you can afford it blow him off, if you can't send the paypal.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.