Calvin had this several years ago (while we were out of town no less), we didn't even know anything was wrong until I woke up and found blood in the bed because the anal sac had burst. The vet we took him to shaved the area, flushed/irrigated the hole to clean it out and I had to squirt ointment (I forget the specifics on what it was) into the hole several times a day. Calvin also had to wear a cone to keep from messing with the area and he's never scooted so that wasn't an issue. I'm not remembering if he had oral medication to take (I'm assuming most likely he did), but I definitely remember having to put the ointment into the hole.

It eventually healed up and we've just made sure to keep a check on his anal glands so it doesn't happen again. His poops are fairly firm, but some dogs just have more issue with the glands being expressed when they poop than others.

Poor Myles, I hope you're able to get it cleared up. When this happened to Calvin he never gave any indication it was bothering him so I freaked out when I saw all the blood. I still remember how badly he howled and yelped when they were cleaning the area and while I was near tears in the waiting room the vet was being less than nice with his words about how Calvin was reacting. I can't imagine that having a huge hole in your rear end really felt all that great, how did he expect him to react? Ugh.

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