Before I started the curly girl method this past week it was pretty common for me to lose a lot of hair on a daily basis. If I skipped a wash I would lose even more in the wash. I was putting my hair up a lot. Mostly because it looked so bad if i left it down. The frizz was terrible and the length was driving me nuts. so i know putting it up was breaking more hair than anything.

when i started the curly girl method this past weekend i noticed that it worked great. BUT my hair is so thin and with all my hair in the correct ringlets it was leaving my head of hair thin and limp. the curl falls out quickly. My first thought is that the product i've chosen to start with is too heavy [Fructise Pure]. i will move on to something lighter like tressamme naturals next i think. [please give me a recommendation if you think something would work better] I'm also thinking that the Fructise Pure Gel i bought may be too heavy as well. Would a mouse work better? perhaps be lighter on my head?

Are there any products that you would recommend to hold my curl. they tend to get weighed down and flat very easily.

I'm between a 2c and a 3a. you can easily see my scalp and my hair has an extremely low porosity, like i did the test where you put a strand of hair on water and see if it sinks. it never sank. i haven't dyed my hair in a decade. so i know it's healthy just thin.

if i wash my hair with sulfates and it gets big and frizzy it's so much fuller but i hate how it looks since the ringlets are all frayed and ugly.

i'm also wondering if maybe my process is lacking something. perhaps i need to shake it out more in the shower and remove more water before plopping? maybe shake out the ringlets so they make more rings instead of a few BIG ones. Which is what it tends to do on its own.

any help is GREATLY appreciated