I just tried their co-wash, and I am loving it as well, perhaps even more than my usual As I Am. On the other hand, however, I am not loving the tiny size of the SM bottle, especially given the price. I don't know about the rest of you, but I need to use a couple good-sized handfuls of cleanser when I co-wash, since it doesn't foam. The SM co-wash is around $10 for 8 oz, while As I Am is around $6-9 (depending on sales) for 16 oz. I'm gonna have to really fall in love with the SM if I'm going to make a permanent switch to them. We will see!
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Same here. I felt I had to use alot especially since my hair is fairly long. don't know if I will repurchase.

Hair type:3a
Cleanser: devacurl or devacare nopoo, dc lowpoo
Ro: DC onecon., KCKT
LI: DC onecon., KCKT, CJ cccl
Stylers: CJ cccl, FSG, Cj ciab, DC angel
Oils: coconut oil, apricot kernel, grapeseed