I got my mousse yesterday! And I tried it today on naked hair, something I would never do normally, and it's freaking awesome. My hair dried feeling really soft and nice and shiny. This is huge cause my hair is very dry and it's 25 degrees out and not hair friendly. I think over the leave in my hair will be perfect. It's not as clumpy, so this product won't help clumping, but I think it does pause your hair so that it dries as nice as it looked wet. No crunch or anything like that. It is moisturizing so maybe some of you 2 hair types might find it be a nice lightweight leave-in, though wavy girls whose hair falls flat mid day probably will still need a gel.
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Totally agree, I have used it with and without gel on top and I think I prefer it with a little gel for the extra hold .

Hair type:3a
Cleanser: devacurl or devacare nopoo, dc lowpoo
Ro: DC onecon., KCKT
LI: DC onecon., KCKT, CJ cccl
Stylers: CJ cccl, FSG, Cj ciab, DC angel
Oils: coconut oil, apricot kernel, grapeseed