For all the DC area curlies, these are at the Jefferson Davis Highway Target in Alexandria, VA.

Sadly they are a complete no-go for me, since they all seem to have cationic surfactants (behetrimonium chloride/methosulfate) or polyquats, which build up horribly on my hair.

My wallet is relieved, to be honest.

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2C/3A--med-coarse, slightly porous (highlighted), very dry & protein sensitive

No-Poo: Naturally Amari Berry No-Poo (w/o Aloe & Horsetail)

Condition: Suave Daily Clarifying & Sun-Ripened Strawberry

Stylers: 4Naturals Spring Back, L'oreal Everstyle Curl Defining Gel

Avoiding: sulfates, ‘cones, parabens, polyquats/cationics (except stearamidopropyl dimethylamine), most proteins/extracts.