I've got nothin' more - just T's & P's Except, how's your iron?? Low iron levels can cause iron loss . . . Maybe someone else will chime in with something more.
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I've been anemic or borderline anemic ALL my life. It never affected my hair.
BTW, I've been on Metformin for years for insulin resistance from PCOS (prescribed by a reproductive endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS). No hair loss problems because of it - I don't think. I do have one area at one temple, but it was already thinning a little while before the Metformin. It may not have helped any, though! And I've grown hair on my chinny chin chin and elsewhere because of the PCOS, and I certainly haven't lost any of that since the Metformin. I'm not saying the drug couldn't be at least part of your problem, though.
Metaformin was given to me 2 months after the Synthroid. By then, the hair loss had taken hold BIG time and I went to a specialist to see if there were any other reasons for the hair loss and she said maybe try this. It didn't help. I only WISH I had stopped taking the Synthroid right then, instead of waiting another 4 months for it to create more damage. I just don't understand why my entire body hair hasn't recovered from this.

I do know there was a civil lawsuit a few years ago against the company that makes Synthroid, from women who had also lost hair and never recovered it from that poison. So I know it's not only me, but it is scary to read that those ladies never recovered either. It makes me feel very hopeless.

I took PhytoPhanere vitamins when my thinning started, $25 for a months worth, and they seemed to help, but not cheap. I no longer take them because I take a much better multi than I did back then and also get additional biotin in a supplement I take to help with glucose control and MSM in my joint supplement - both are supposed to help with hair loss, as you probably know, but yours sounds more like you need to find your underlying cause.
I have spent thousands on doctors and supplements, and nothing has helped. I have a cabinet full of hair supplements, etc. and nope, nothing. Biotin, I have read, actually increases testosterone in the body, and when I took it, my hair fell out faster, and nothing grew as fast in its place to recover from it. I don't know...no one has found the underlying cause and I can't afford to see anymore people. I'd have found the brilliant person who could help me save my hair by now, isn't it?
I do recall a friend of mine having saliva testing done by naturopath. Wonder if they would be any less expensive than by an endocrinologist . . . .
They don't send it through their office. They just give you the kit and tell you to send the payment by check to the lab directly. Same price.
Hey, I know, write The Doctors and Dr. Oz about it - maybe you'd be one of the lucky ones that they end up covering the cost of needed procedures/testing to finally find out what's going on. Sounds crazy, but you really do see them do that a lot . . . .
I saw a show they did on hair loss. They sent this one woman to a hair laser place where she was to get treatments and supposedly that would help. I know women who have tried the laser and it did very little but peach fuzz. My hair is now see through to my scalp...I hate going out in the daytime or being under lights now. It's a nightmare I can't seem to wake up from!
Try to to stay optimistic - the stress of it all probably greatly contributes
Yes, the stress is actually giving me an ulcer. But it's been 3 years. I stayed positive, hoping for recovery or a solution but now, what do I do?

Thank you for letting me vent here. This problem is causing me so much depression...and I just have no one else who will listen to me discuss it. Friends and family just blow it off, either because they can't be bothered or they are bothered and would rather not hear about it because there's nothing they can do.

I can't believe this is happening to me.

Two months before the Synthroid, I had my usual hair appointment and got blonde highlights put into my hair. It took my stylist (of 7 years) 4 hours to do it, because I had so much hair.

The next time she saw me was 3 months into the Synthroid (and 5 months since my highlights) and she was floored at the amount of hair I had left. She knew me all those year and knew my hair and could not believe so much had fallen out. And that was 2010. Now it's 2013...imagine.