So I am brand new-like 2 days in! I went to Walmart today and bought brand new conditioner gel, and hair creme (all the ones I were using had silicone in them). I already use sulfate free shampoo but am going to only shampoo once per week instead of 3x per week.
Anyway, I showered last night and put in my product. I let it air dry until it was about 70% dry, then I had to go to bed. I plopped per the Youtube video and slepy all night. When I woke up my curls weren't frizzy, but they were kind of crimpy looking and weird shapes. Ick! What did I do wrong?
I am a newbie. I think I am a 2b. I have been blowdrying and straightening my hair for the last 15 years. Trying to embrace the REAL ME.

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