SCG, your secret is safe with me

But, may I whine now? During dinner (which my 17 year old kindly made for us) I started feeling achy again. My temperature is going up again after a fever free day This is an hour after I took Advil
I was really hoping I was done this flu.
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That is happening to so many people. They think they are done but the fever shows up a day or even two later. Please take care of yourself.
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Thank you, and thank goodness I have the sick days available.

It feels...wrong being that it's over a holiday weekend (Fri and Tues out) yet it's better then being out five straight days. and the whole while I'm worried that DH or one of the girls will get it. DD1 has exams this week, too.

Ha, just last week I saw on the news that CA was one of the few states that hadn't declared a state of emergency. Wonder how fast that is changing?
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