Iron supplements-change to a more bio-avaible form like iron bisglycinate

If it's autoimmune, there is a lot you can do. You want to stop the autoimmune process and calm that inflammation. It can be done.
I have lupus and have seen 5 different rheumatologist and not one suggested any of these steps.

Make sure you're getting all the nutrients that you need especially fish oil, quality probiotic magnesium (use glycinate or malate), iron, vit B 100 Complex, vit D (make sure your levels are optimal NOT just normal) are good starting points. I use the Energy Revitalization Powder as it replaces 30-50 tablets. It's a great multi vitamin.

Thyroid- make sure it's functioning properly. Make the dr treat your symptoms as needed and not just your TSH level. Most drs will test your thyroid by doing a simple TSH test.. when that test comes back normal, they declare your thyroid normal... well it's not that easy! Lab Testing Is NOT Reliable! | Vitality 101

Hope this helps.