Him calling me last night insured that I didn't sleep more than 5 hours. I woke up this morning to find that he sent me a gchat invite(I removed him), and an email on a rarely used inbox and I'm not sure if it was sent before or after he called me last night.

In his email he said he wants to talk to me to just make sure I'm alright. That he's been trying to reach me but can't since I removed and blocked him on everything.(edit:all my email in the last few days went straight to my trash.) I have every reason not to talk to him but he wants to make sure that if there is anything he can do to help or encourage me he can do it. He knows he messed up repeatedly and he's still sorry for that. He wants me to have a happy life. He only wants to help. He's begging me to contact him.

He's still sorry about hurting me he says. He wasn't sorry when he chose her over me. How can he even say that to me. As if I wasn't there. He doesn't care about me. He turned his back on me and now he cares about how I feel and how I'm doing. He didn't care last week. I hate these games. All they're doing is hurting me. Am I not hurting enough. I don't want this.

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