Bumping an old thread.

I got one of these a couple of days ago and am really liking it. I'm using the flavors in the sample kit that came with my machine. I may play with the essences and just stuff like straight lemon and/or lime juice as well.

Anyone still using theirs? What concoctions do you like.

I also like just the plain fizzy water.
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I use mine occasionally. I still haven't tried the tea concentrate but this bump reminded me.

I just bought some Pom pommegranate juice (has a lot of nutritional benefits, apparently) this wknd and added it to seltzer I made in my Soda Stream. Pretty good.

I keep saying i'm going to concoct some kind of fizzy coffee drink but I haven't so far.

I use regular tap water that has been chilled in the fridge. (In our house, bottled water is for company LOL)

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