His Asssssssssssssssshhhhhh jus betta sen yuh money. Talkin bout miss! Steeeeuuups. Foolishness. Is games he on.

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Originally Posted by prentonne
I just found an email he sent this morning. We need to talk if I'm asking for so much money, and he wouldn't be able to send me it all one time.
Originally Posted by soleilmoncur
Not too lomg ago, you said that he said that y'all have nothing to talk about. Then you said he emailed you saying he wanted to send you the money he owes you. Now he wants you to talk to him in order to get the money and he can't send it all in one time. So that means he will want you to continue talking to him because he's giving you money.

Soleil, he's playing games. He's trying to control and manipulate you because he believes that you're vulnerable and dependent. But you can choose to not be. If he was really sorry, he would have aoologized and just sent you the money. But did he do that? No! Because he's a douche. A lying cheating controlling manipulative douche. Actions speak louder than words.

You take that money and you will be indebted to him. You will "owe" him. Because he is selfish. He doesn't really gaf about what you need. He just relishes in your needyness because he has some internal issues.

Don't take the money if you want to heal and move forward. It will show him and yourself that you don't need no bs and can be independent. You can do bad (and good) all by yourself. That's my opinion. And if you're really in a bind, is there anyone else that's close to you that can help? Family?

Listen to MIA's bad girls. That song puts me in a crunk bad a$$ mood.

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