But I thought oil was not water-soluble? Or am I remembering seventh-grade chemistry wrong... :)

It's one thing to read about the science of hair care on a computer screen but another to look at empirical evidence from my own hair: When I was using products with silicones, my hair did not look noticeably greasy, but when I have applied straight oils, my hair looks greasy. And if I apply oil to my hair with my hands, then wash my hands with soap, there seems to be a thin layer of oil left unless I really scrub hard.

So it's hard for me to understand why oils are easier to remove.

Jas76: I think my biggest problem has been using too much. My hair is medium-fine and not terribly dense, so perhaps I need to back off the amount of oil I'm putting in my hair. So I'll try it your way! :)

And if that doesn't work I'll just use oils in products like kathymack. Or no oils at all.
*3B, medium/fine, normal porosity, normal elasticity, shoulder-length when dry.

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