I think Jamie was great in the role. Not sure I can see Will in the role.

I think it was OK not to see more Broomhilda. Her cry faces were enough (sorry)

Thanks Iroc, I was trying to remember if the cage was open. I agree that wordy response like the doc's wasn't needed, but a nice Django gesture to them would have been nice
Originally Posted by scrills

I only remember bc during that scene I was thinking 'isnt he going to let them out??' And when they panned back, the cage was open.

I think during the dog scene, the point was Django was going there for his wife specifically. He didnt want to risk using that chance to save someone else.

But I agree that I was waiting for something to happen there. Generally movie people are way smarter/deeper than I, so I usually expect to miss some meaning in scenes.

Again, I loved the dentist character. I was sad to see him die, but I really loved Djangos last word to him.

I do not like Kerry Washington so I wasn't upset at her lack of presence in the movie.

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