I don't think they're kinks, because they DO curl or wave nicely on good hair days, but I could be wrong about that. I clarified recently, and I've triple checked for any cones. I low-poo generally once or twice a week. I'm beginning to think it probably is protein overload since the bottom feels really dry and straw-like.

Thanks you for helping me troubleshoot. I'm lost on my own, even though I've been at this a year. I feel like every time I get a routine down my hair's properties change drastically.
Hair Properties:
High Porosity
Loves Protein, hates oil of any kind, takes FOREVER to dry.

(I mix and match depending on the day)
Occasional Low-poo: Burt's Bees
Conditioner: GCP
Ecostyler Gel
As I am Curling Jelly

Recently Purchased:
Rockin Ringlets
Curl Keeper
Confident Coils

Microfiber Plop (10 mins)