I've been looking for a new treatment to do, & have been lurking through a few other threads on other brands/products.
I just used the NuNAAT keratin treatment about 5-6 days ago, & while the results were FAB, it turned my hair orange Not as obnoxious as the Organix version (now THAT was straight up burnt orange, & this time around it was just a light orange, just like a strawberry blonde that went a bit brassy). Which was also odd, since my hair was a medium burgundy brown, but i thought maybe it was just the fact that it was a demi that made it easier to pull the color out. Who knows.

I'm interested to see how the product reviews go if more people use this. It's more affordable than others I've seen, but I'm always worried about color change. Has anyone who has used this experienced that color change? I'll keep lurking on this threat