Well, well, well... I just spent several hours waiting to see if I would be selected for jury duty.
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would you not be excused because of your job?

i can't do jury duty because i'm a deputy sheriff...
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You would think so. I was actually discussing that with another member of emergency services who had been called to jury duty. He is not a dispatcher, but he was under the impression that I would not be allowed to serve, but many of my co workers have in the past. *I am considered a non sworn member law enforcement, for all practical purposes.

If my name would have been called, and I was questioned, I probably would have been excused. It was a civil matter and I have taken numerous calls from one party involved, over the years, and have a working relationship with the other.

I could just see me being called for a local criminal case. It would be one of my regulars, I am sure. "Can you put aside all personal feelings and make a non biased decision?"

Hell no!!! Lol.

Yes, I actually could (I have to do it on the job) but they don't need to know that.
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