would you not be excused because of your job?

i can't do jury duty because i'm a deputy sheriff...
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You would think so. I was actually discussing that with another member of emergency services who had been called to jury duty. He is not a dispatcher, but he was under the impression that I would not be allowed to serve, but many of my co workers have in the past. *I am considered a non sworn member law enforcement, for all practical purposes.

If my name would have been called, and I was questioned, I probably would have been excused. It was a civil matter and I have taken numerous calls from one party involved, over the years, and have a working relationship with the other.

I could just see me being called for a local criminal case. It would be one of my regulars, I am sure. "Can you put aside all personal feelings and make a non biased decision?"

Hell no!!! Lol.

Yes, I actually could (I have to do it on the job) but they don't need to know that.
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I don't know about your locale, but New York City hasn't allowed exemptions in nearly 20 years. It's actually a good thing. Growing up, my parents would be summoned for jury duty about every other year while firefighters, teachers, doctors and people in numerous other professions never had to set foot in court. The lack of exemptions means that you don't get called as often. I was just summoned to serve on 2/4 and it's been about 8 years since I served last time.
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I have been called, for local or federal, every two years since turning 18. At first I was always excused because I received my summons during finals. I had the flu one time, and the case was dismissed or they decided to settle every other time.

**my 52 year old cousin had been called as well and we were discussing that. It was only the 2nd time that he had been called. I felt picked on

I can understand why they would be leery of officers or dispatchers when it comes to criminal cases. You get to know some people, very well, due to the job and your first reaction to being asked 'do you think this person is guilty?' would be... All day, every day. They deserve the best chances for an unbiased trial. Some can put their feeling and what they know aside, and some can't.
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