Hello everyone!

I have shoulder length 3A hair and I need help! I recently (last week) got a fresh DevaCurl cut (have been going to the same girl for the past 3 cut's) so I'm starting fresh .

I feel like I never know what my hair is going to look like because one day I could have really nice, soft, bouncy, curls and the next day it could be a mess ending with me just putting it in a bun on the top of my head. I've been using Prairie Naturals shampoo and conditioner, DevaCurl Set it Free (as like a leave in sort of.. I spray it in before I diffuse and it makes it somewhat less frizzy), and DevaCurl Angel (the light gel). Then I diffuse until it's 75% (ish) dry, put duck clips in, let it air dry 30 mins until I get ready, take clips out, and then shake upside down and scrunch gel out. More often than not, I end up playing with it so much that it ends up looking not so good,... AND I'm late to wherever I'm going. Not a good combo!

So... after looking into the baking soda and ACV method.. and then coming across the CG method.. I decided to go with the latter. I bought what I needed tonight and will be starting tomorrow.

Cowash - Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut
Rinse Out - Giovanni Smooth As Silk Cond
Leave In - Giovanni Direct Leave In
Style - will be trying DevaCurl Angel and AG recoil

Question: I read about additionally having to use a clarifying shampoo along with CG method... what would this be for?

Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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