Okay, so I think my hair is locking up at the roots... (-__________-)
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yikes! You gotta keep the style up or else this will happen especially if your hair is fine. My niece has fine 4b hair and my sister never does her hair by the time i get to it chunks of hair come out and some start to lock its heartbreaking.

On a brighter note: how is everyone doing with their challenge? Mine is going surprisingly well i did a dt this past weekend and put my hair up in med twist bun. School starts today so it will be in this style all week.

Maaan... I'm keeping it up, I just never left my twists in for this long. It's been a little over three weeks. I guess I've learned my lesson...

Buuut, other than that, I have a nice amount of new growth! I'm taking these things out this weekend though!

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