Today was: funeral home for plot, casket, prayer cards, etc.; funeral services set; headstone info done (she's going in the family plot her parents bought).

Tomorrow: flowers and stuff. After taking poor FIL to my dentist for a possible root canal. He is in a ton of pain, he already knew the tooth was going bad and was to see his dentist next week. He can't wait. It's hard to think straight while you're in pain, so I talked him into seeing my wonderful dentist that is going to squeeze him into her already packed schedule tomorrow morning.

Another busy day. I finally cried for the first time while choosing the prayer/memorial cards today. I've been in Numb Mode, and I'm back to NM after a brief cry, but I have to stay sane to get this all done.

On a happy note, both his dogs are doing well and had a fun day playing with my pup. They're all tired tonight!

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