This makes me so annoyed. 4bc hairtype struggle the most with finding products that work for their hair yet i rarely see response or post on there. What i love about the phone app is it sorts threads by topics not hair type so you see more response in different forums now but i still see post on 4b get little to noo response.

I just replied to a girl whose post didn't do well on the 4b forum so she repost on 4a (i believe 4a do a better job @ responses) the sad part is she sounded like she was in desperate need of advice .

Its better to describe the characteristics of the hair than to classify the number and letter. All of my 3 yrs of being natural i have never heard someone identify their hair without adding characteristics to it like "its porous,or fine, dense, protein sensitive etcs."

They should just integrate 4a and 4b forum. hair typing to specific letter takes the focus out of the point of this entire site which is loving and caring for your hair.
hair type: 4a VERY dense

hair goal
= WL Aug. 23, 2013

My hair LOVES oil

2. "Being natural must be the new crack cus im hooked!!"

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is
perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”