i don't have any before pics since i've been getting a deva cut (and, i have to say, by one of the best deva stylists, he used to work at devachan and do training) since 2006. my photo is a deva cut, i do keep my hair on the short side by preference, but the idea is there.

also, you can go onto livecurlylivefree.com and click on the 'photo gallery' as the woman whose site it is, tiffany, aka 'struttswife' on nc, is a curly stylist who specializes in deva cuts. she has before and after photos.

and, it all depends on the stylist who cuts your hair. just because they've been taught how to cut a curl, does not translate into how to cut the entire head, etc.....

and, wasn't there a thread recently by a stylist who said deva is changing how they cut hair? no longer curl by curl? but she never replied to queries about what they specified instead.
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