Dusalock, the consistency of the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Milk is a bit more thin (I think) than KK Knot Today. I think it is better than the SM conditioner but I thin KKKT is better overall. As for the AVG, I use the "edible" kind for my hair even if it has citric acid etc. I figured if it is good enough for ingestion, it should be fine for my hair. I have yet to get a real aloe vera plant. For my 4a mid neck length (if stretched with fingers), I use 3 tbsp
Avg mixed with 1 tbsp jojoba oil (or I guess almond, avocado oil etc.) on soaking wet hair and finger comb it. It beautifully serves as both leave in and curl styler/gel. It enhances my curls and gives me a very soft hold (I don't really like hold/crunch). As for the Trader Joe Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, try it out as well. It is a good cleansing and detangling conditioner.