I wonder who is in charge of these categories. Interesting that 4a is most active. I am a 4a.
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I've been a member for 5 years and lurked for a while before I joined. The boards go through "cycles," but overall the 4a forum gets the most traffic. And it's not from all 4a hair types. I know I followed it my first few years, it's how I found out about a lot of products and techniques. I always felt that the 4a's, etc., knew the most about taking care of curly hair.

There's a new CurlTalk administrator http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...alk-admin.html I'd think that she's the one who is "in charge."

There are folks that think there should be lots of forums based on every little detail known about hair and others who think it should be more general. Questions on many of the forums rarely get answered, or a lot of traffic and people end up double and triple posting to get answers. I've gotten to the point that I rarely answer in forums that don't have my hair attributes, I figure out that people who ask a question there aren't looking for an answer from someone who doesn't have that particular attribute.
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