I love how HETT works on my hair. The hold is perfect, and my curls turn out perfectly. However, I do get some product buildup from it on my fine hair, and it weighs it down.

My curly stylist told me I needed a lighter gel, and styled my hair with only Deva OneCondition and the Deva Light Hold gel. I've tried this, but I can never get my curls to turn out the same. The light hold gel doesn't have enough hold.

Are there any styling products that have similar results to HETT, without causing product buildup? I do ACV rinse about once a week to clarify, but even with this, I get buildup. My hair doesn't like LA Looks Styling Gel, it weighs it down too much.
CG since June 2012

Hair Type: 2C/3A, fine, normal porosity, low density

JC Gentle Lather, Giovanni TTTT
ACV rinse
Suave Naturals Coconut
Yes to Carrots, GVP CB
PT: Ion Effective Care

Coconut Oil
CK, LA Looks (yellow)