Me, before Deva cut:

Deva Cuts??? Before/After-uploadfromtaptalk1358972004832.jpg

Me, after Deva cut:

This pic was after I got it cut by the owner--

Deva Cuts??? Before/After-uploadfromtaptalk1358972085615.jpg

This pic below was over a year later, by another staffer at the same salon. I liked this better and plan to go see her again if I can ever get some money.

Deva Cuts??? Before/After-uploadfromtaptalk1358972184016.jpg

Most recent pic below, after cowashing and airdrying at my parent's house with their EXTREMELY hard the curls are very tight and lots of root volume.

I had not gotten it cut any more since the pic above it.

I was surprised to see how much of the original layering/shaping was still evident in this pic.....compared with the one above it.

Deva Cuts??? Before/After-uploadfromtaptalk1358972261299.jpg

Salon is Imago in Richmond, VA

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