Yes i think switching over is a good idea now. i have a friend with much thicker hair and in desperate need of more moisture so i think i will pass it on to her. she's trying the tressamme right now and i wonder if it won't be too light for her.

last night in the wash i noticed that i needed to use a LOT of conditioner to get it to detangle. which is odd because it didn't feel that way before. so i wonder if it's because i pre-rinsed with hot water or if it's because the consistency is too thick.

I shook my hair out more immediately after the shower and before i put in the gel. i only use about a nickel size amount of the gel in my hair. but it may just be too heavy for my hair. but shaking it out more does seem to have helped with the volume of my curls. there are way more of them this time around!

once i cut the length i'll really know whether or not it's the weight of my hair or the product making it fall flat. I think i'll try out that mousse you mentioned. thanks for the tips!