I've only been cg about 3 weeks, and i've had two DCTs in that time. I have fine hair and a lot of it, and when I got my devacut she did a DCT on me, then a few days ago I took a 20 minute bath with my one conditioner just sittin in my hair. Afterwards, my hair was SUPER soft and bouncy and shiny which are good things, but my curl pattern VANISHED. I went from a 2c with some 3as tossed in to a 2a overnight. oopsie.

I bought a few cheapo hi pro pacs at the store yesterday, and I used one that I think is the more gentle kind with just keratin and wheat protein. t-shirt scrunching my hair dry out of the shower, I immediately noticed more of a curl pattern wet than I usually have. Now that its been gelled and diffused, i'm sort of astonished. I have more volume, more definition and no frizz. I ALWAYS have frizz, my hairs themselves are so thin. I think i'm going to love protein
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Omg. My hair sounds just like yours! Frizzy alllll the time and fine, but lots of it. When I DC my hair is soft too but losses the curl pattern as well. Woah! Please tell me what you tried so I can give it a shot as well!