"Forever" - shoulder length hair, ~40 minutes non-stop (diffused) blow dry and still about 20% damp..... And with that sentence I realize why my hair is so dry, I'm blow drying it to death!
Stylists always comment on how much it holds water.

So, the added moisture just made my hair limp and less curly, though I can tell that my hair was less dry today. Could this be just until my hair adjusts to more moisture

** sorry, I just realized my sig says high porosity. Apparently I got confused, I meant low.
Hair Properties:
High Porosity
Loves Protein, hates oil of any kind, takes FOREVER to dry.

(I mix and match depending on the day)
Occasional Low-poo: Burt's Bees
Conditioner: GCP
Ecostyler Gel
As I am Curling Jelly

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Rockin Ringlets
Curl Keeper
Confident Coils

Microfiber Plop (10 mins)

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