Certainly! I believe it was Hi*Pro*Pak Keratin Replenish Masque. I got mine from the grocery store (HEB if you're a texan), I think it was less than 2 bucks. I got a couple others I can't remember the name of that looked to be a stronger treatment, and a deep conditioning olive oil masque and Cantu shea leave-in all in that trip too, but I haven't tried any of those yet.

yay a hair twin! I sort of hate having so much fine hair. It just all sticks together in the shower like a big dog hair mat lol. God help me if I ever try to flip it upside down when its wet, it has no slip at all without product and my curls arent well defined and it all just sticks together like a wet Q tip.

Also as an update sKorpio, today I have frizzies again. The only thing I can think is that i've been no-pooing too much (probably 3 times a week). I'm an LMT and I sweat at work and wanna take a shower and scrub the ickies out of my hair. I think if I lay off the no-poo and just co-wash with my V05 maybe it'll be a bit better. I also didn't condition after that protein treatment, partly for laziness and partly cause I wanted to see what would happen lol

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