As far as the frizzies go I think i'm going to start really trying to pay attention to how much I touch my hair when i'm styling it too. i'm starting to think when I SOTC of my gel set i'm scrunching too much, and I should just do it as little as possible.
I remember when I got my devacut she touched my hair a LOT, and made me shake my head upside down to separate the curls. I also pixie method diffuse, and she had the diffuser on full blast the whole time, which made me cringe a little. Whatever she did worked well though, but if I ever were to shake my head upside down at home when my hair is damp, my curls all fall out completely and rescrunching them just makes it go all wet-frizz. My bestie has gorgeous 3a/3b hair (now that shes discovered CG, it used to be all brillow pad-ish) and her hairs themselves are thick and course. she hates them but i'd kill to have a bit more thickness to mine.