Yes, it does help, so I'm going to ramble on...... again. I don't mean to whine, but it's nice to get it off my chest (or fingertips!) Here goes..............

Can it get any worse?!?! Well, I'm sure it can but let's pray not!

We took FIL to get the root canal, she got him in at 11AM. It was actually almost noon before they got to work after x-rays and consult. Hubby and I left to go look at ordering flowers. I got a call less than an hour in, saying to come pick up FIL. The Doctor could not get him numbed up enough to do the root canal. He is way too infected and inflamed at this point. Come to find out that the vicodin and antibiotics he says he was taking are EXPIRED medications! I thought his other dentist had prescribed them recently. I guess not. So nothing was working. She prescribed new meds, and hopefully after 24 hours she'll be able to get him numb enough to work. So he goes back at 3PM tomorrow. Basically a wasted day, and FIL is still suffering.

He was wanting to drive home today, not going to happen. 2 more nights at the hotel, I just called and extended.

I spoke to hubby's sister (my SIL), the mortuary and cemetery-- we decided it's best at this point to push everything out until 2/4-5. There is just no way we can prepare and do everything that needs to be done while FIL is having this health issue. So we just sat down with FIL and laid it all out. He understands, he has been feeling rushed and pushed too. We agree that MIL's first concern was always his health, so she would understand the wait.

OK, hitting SEND because I keep getting interrupted!

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