Today was wash day. I decided to do finger coils and seemed like an awesome idea at 3 pm when I started. But at 7 pm when I finished... At one point I really considered pulling out what I'd done and just twisting, but decided I'd come to far to turn back. To be fair, I did spend a few minutes getting the large sections parted because I wanted to be able to have some styling options with the finished coils. Now, I can pull up the sides or even flat twist them, pus I can change the front part too. Plus side - It came out well and I didn't have to sit under the dryer because it was dry by the time I was done.

...I wonder if watching Scandal slowed me down any...
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LOL that's what gets me all the time.
"Nobody can heal, like you can. Oh most Holy one you are the Great I Am. Awesome in all your ways and mighty is your hand, you are He who carried out redemption's plan. Searched all over, couldn’t find nobody I looked high and low... still couldn't find nobody. Nobody greater than you.”

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