This might sound super word, but it has been working really well for me. Early evening, I'll take my shower. Then I'll apply products, including gel, clip the roots for volume, and let it air dry while I do my homework. I apply products and style my hair as if I'm going to go out. (Which I'm not.. haha) By the time I go to bed, my hair is most or all the way dry, and the gel is hardened. I don't re-scrunch my hair to take out the gel cast, I leave it hard and put it in a high pony tail or bun, fairly loosely. In the morning, I'll take my hair out of the pony tail/bun and shake my head a bit to loosen it up. It typically looks good already and has more volume. (Note there are no pony tail marks cause you tie it loosely I even prefer to use a scrunchy to avoid the marks) Then I'll just take a spray bottle and dampen my hair and apply a little more gel. Then I get dressed.. yadayada. Once my hair is dry, wherever I happen to be, at home, school, work, whatever, I'll just turn my head upside down and re scrunch my dry hair to take out the hardness of the gel, and I have soft bouncy curls - also looked wanded sometimes! Hope this helps. Sorry if it's confusing, I'm sort of bad at explaining things sometimes.