Here's a younger one the first is at like a month n a half
She looked like a little Asian baby sometimes lol.
I love showing off her pics love my babyboo
How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
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I think they ment right out the womb. I agree they look like aliens to me. But you are rite about your baby girl she is adorable

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Thanks. And yea she was weird lookin. Looked like my brother when she first came out lol. I just needed an excuse to post pics of my Sugarfoot lol

How can I say goodbye P.L.G.
Who's My Hair?
3c/4a-b looking stuff lol
BC- May 16, 2010
Why I chopped: heat damage/breakage
Luv'd my permed hair I just didnt take care of it.
LUVVV my natural hair!!!