Living in paradise means I get to eat (regularly) a lot of the exotic fruits that you guys like.

I miss star apples though, haven't had any in a while.
I freaked when I saw a sugar apple in HK because I had been missing those.
Locally, I love guineps (yum) and Otaheite apples (with salt), guavas are a special class of love.

I know this is going to sound so mundane to most of you because you are surrounded by them all the time, but I love grapes and strawberries.
I want to try dragon fruits.I saw them when Iw as HK but never went to buy one. I kick myself about that all the time.
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Those look like cajuiles, another fruit I adore!
I love strawberries and grapes in season. Not so much out of season. If I do go back to DR (I forgot to answer the poster who asked me that in this thread, sorry), I know I'll miss apples. Apples suck in the DR. They're pretty much all mealy and flavorless. I'll never bother to make an apple dessert there.
I don't think you're missing out on dragon fruit, even if they're beautiful.