hi. i love pixies on women.ive had one for a couple of years. which i am on my 3rd attempt to grow out. i have very curly hair, 3a ish but when cut short has very little curl. what i do have is easily smoothed down with blowdrying. i got compliments all the time on it.
BUT, i am a girly girl, so i felt i needed to always dress up and wear full makeup with it. everyday. when i didnt i was self consious (sp) and felt like a boy. also my hair grows fast and i needed to trim every 3 weeks. overnight it would get poofy and big.
thats the bad part. the good is how much time it saved me in the morning, i didnt feel like a slave to my curls and it really did get compliments all the time. i work in a salon and although nobody got it cut that way i sure did get the ego boost with it. wherever i went women would come up and comment on my hair and how they wish they would have the guts to do it.
also keep in mind if u get tired of it and want to grow,... the growing out is horrible. as i said, this is 3rd attempt. im determained thia time.
but u need to do what u want. pixies are great. u just need the confidence to pull it off.