One of the reasons i want to do it is because I feel like it could help me break out of my shell and give me more confidence. I'm so tired of hiding behind my hair. But I'm scared its going to be the reverse reaction an ill end up hating myself lol like I feel like it'd be great, I would love to be able to shower at night and not in the mornings, I feel like it would make me feel free! Not to mention I could go swimming and to the beach and ride with the windows down and be able to coudle woth my boyfriend and touch my hair without it going bonkers! But I'm terrified of the growing out stage... Not so much of the pixie cut. Do you mind putting up a picture of like a before and after you got the cut? If you can find one at least lol if not that's fine! Just curious
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if you want to break out of your shell this is the best way! I did my BC and let me tell you it was such a relief. I must admit its a surreal feeling hour after especially when i could literally run my fingers on my scalp.

Confidence it does gives bc eventhough i didnt feel my best i was proud of myself for making such a bold decision. Trust , i too was one of the girls who hid behind my hair i couldn't believe i did it. But i am sure glad i did. Not only did i experience having my hair shorter than it ever been I watched my hair grow out in all the phases and i have pix to go back to when i wanna see my hair short. I love it

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Ah hearing about it makes me so excited! I would looove to be able to feel my head with a buzz cut. But i feel like it'd be harsh so i should stick with the pixie? Then again it shouldn't take that long to grow into a pixie.. So im not sure yet. But hearing you tell your story just makes me wanna do it more!