I'm going to try one of my other treatments today and see what happens! This time though I think i'll follow it with a DT.

yeah it seems rather overwhelming trying to figure out all this stuff and all the products that are available and how something thats amazing for one person (and expensive) wont work for you and then you're out 20 bucks for stuff you dont even want to use.

I'm trying to give the devacurl stuff a shot, since thats what I have right now, although i'm thinking today I may order one or two things off curlmart. I'm leaning away from the deva curl gel though. I have the light hold, and I dont know if i'm not using enough or if its just that its light hold, but I think I like my la looks sports gel better. My cut is a step up from what I HAD (I hadn't had a professional cut in 5 years, I just trimmed it myself and it was long and heavy and a pain in the ass) but I'm noticing that the clumps i'm getting now are apparently different than the clumps I had when she styled me, because I have clumps with one or two longer hairs floofing out from the ends, and i'm having to trim those off every few days when I see them. They layering she gave me works well though.

Right now i just use no-poo, one conditioner as my RO and LI, and gel. Its hard to experiment and figure out what works best though because with my job my hair is pulled up anyway so styling I do Is pulled out by the end of the day. most of my experimenting happens on my days off.
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20 bucks? Some things are like 30! and then I use them once and end up giving them away. That's why now I look for stuff at Sally's cuz then I dont have to pay shipping charges at least. I do no poo as well, I just clarify once a week and now I'll try it with a protein treatment instead of deep conditioner. Normally I just do rinse out conditioner and gel nd/or LI conditioner. I hear what you mean about the job. When I pull my hair back at work and let it back down it stays stretched out and weird looking lol. Half straight in the front from whatever I pulled back and the rest curly/wavy. Smh. I feel ur pain. That's why I love experimenting on the weekends when I can stay home in case I end up with a giant frizzball on my head :-P