Ok so I did some reading and clarifying shampoo can have sulphates..OR cocomidopropyl betain.. didn't know that! The Prairie Naturals I've been using all along is perfect then! So I guess today is officially day 1 .

I used DevaCurl Angel this morning instead of the AG ReCoil and before diffusing I twirled a bunch of the top pieces... much better than yesterday! It's not 100% dry yet but it's looking good .

I've noticed a lot of people using LA sports gel. I'm in Canada and haven't come across this anywhere. We have Dippity Do (think that's the name) which is similar in price but I'm scared to try it. As a side note, i also found the Suave coconut cond really hard to find (took me 3 drugstores!). Any other Canadians on here?? What gel do you prefer?