I started making my own lipsticks because the commercial ones always dried my lips out. But I really like the colour of MUFE Artist Rouge Natural #7 for a nude on darker skintones like mine, so I'm trying to dupe that

I like wines, plums and red-browns.
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I love plums too. I was so excited about the plum couture. It got me into lipstick again. Clinique had a similar color years ago and it was the only lipstick I went through two bullets, and tube of gloss with. I adored it.

I have good luck with estee launder. I'm prone to reactions as well.
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In a lot of formulations, there's castor oil. Too much castor oil can dry out skin in some cases.
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I have to watch out for break outs or burning on contact and drying out. I can't do Cover Girl, Revlon, etc. lip sticks. When Clinique changed their formulation I could no longer use theirs. It's a pain.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??