I have these two. The first is a cordless unit that uses "ultrasound technology". The second is a true ultrasound machine. They both gently vibrate junk out of the pores and exfoliate the skin. The second, being a semi-pro machine, obviously works better, but the cordless unit does a pretty good job too. They run about $250 and $600, respectively, but there are deals out there to be had if you look.

Bellaire Industry Ezzi Spatula

Bellaire Industry SkinSpatula

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How often do you use this? How do you wash your face now?
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I wash my face at night with the cleanser from acne.org. It seems to work well to remove my makeup, but it's pretty gentle. I use the second machine about 3 times a week to clean my pores and exfoliate. I started with the cordless, but once I got the semi-pro machine, I found I it does a better job, so now I just use the cordless unit when I travel.