Alright, I cowash with trader joes, then condish with Shea moisture condish (gold label). Then I do something sorta weird, it's like a mix of techniques, I think, I'm still new at this. I smooth my LI over my hair, and scrunch it in, while still in the shower. I use a wide tooth comb to comb my hair out. Because i don't have layers I get a lot f knots (I really need a deva cut). So I comb through, and make a little part, then I quickly slip my head under the shower head to get the clumps back. I don't rinse out much of the LI, just enough water to encourage the clumps back. While in the shower, I put the fsg in, upside down, and I scrunch out excess water while putting the fsg in. Then I smooth Shea moisture smoothie in and scrunch it in, all over. I plop 15-20 mins. Then, I spend time scrunching my hair with my towel (deva towel), and then I add KCCC in when hair is 50% dry, and diffuse to 80-90% dry, depending on how bored I am at that point! Lol!
Good luck!
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I'm gonna have to copy, paste and print it out! The step with the leave in is very interesting. Can't wait to try it. I am definitely making the fsg today. Not putting it off any longer when there's tinkering to be done. And maybe I'll go buy a diffuser at long last. (I have one actually, but it's very old school. Doesn't even have fingers.)
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