Okay, so help this mama out.. please. My 4 year old has had thin wavy hair (guessing 2A?) since it started growing, but only a very little. Even now, with it half way down her back, there's hardly enough hair for decent pig tails. I can't braid it. However, unless I'm willing to brush it every 20 minutes, it immediately starts flipping around at the bottom and then she has a big puffy rats nest in the back of her head.

I'm not used to this thin of hair, mine isn't thick by any means, but it's medium. The only care I ever gave it growing up was Suave shampoo/conditioner and brushing it constantly. I loved brushing my hair, though, and my daughter hates it. I never used any kind of product on my hair, I can't stand my hair not to be smooth and natural. She dreads staying still long enough for me to put it in a ponytail, but it doesn't seem to grow thick enough for a good ponytail and it just comes lose and messy anyways. She wants it long, but right now I'm feeling a short hair cut is the answer.

I'm at a loss. I'm so tired of having her hair look ill-kept and neglected. I've tried many different good shampoo and conditioners, even. Some for curls, some for tangles, some just good quality. Nothing seems to help.

I'll attach a few pictures, to help show what I mean (even one I took the one time we had it cut pixie style)- all it takes is 20 minutes and this is how it looks.

I've been reading about since yesterday, after finally reaching my breaking point- and realized I was doing several things wrong... I lather conditioner in her hair like I do mine, hoping it will make it silky. I now understand that might be a problem for thin hair? Long hair isn't recommended for thin hair either...not to blow dry it, to use detanglers (never used any) and to wash the hair daily to prevent any build up on it that could 'weigh it down'.

So, please, give me more tips- and tell me whether the tips above are correct. Tell this mama how to take care of hair. I suck at it, my daughter deserves to have her hair look better!

Thin wavy hair, constant rats nest-20110120-104web.jpg
Thin wavy hair, constant rats nest-20110311-025.jpg
Thin wavy hair, constant rats nest-20120103-011.jpg