How about talking to your stylist about growing out cuts? Tell her what you want and what makes you nervous about the outcome, and see what she says. A pixie can be grown into a bob, and from there.......anything!
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No one in my area really knows about curly hair They don't really know how to work with it. I am probably going to go to the lady i used to go to.. but i dont know how much help she will be
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Are you sure? Have you checked the salon thingamajig on this site to see if you can try and hunt down a decent stylist? Word to the wise, reshaping is rather important when you're growing it out. I had to go every six to eight weeks for that year. I also did a little light trimming/reshaping myself to make sure nothing was looking too awkward. Also bobby pins and hair clips were my best friends for one three month period. Headbands too. But I don't regret it. It was fun. Everyone should cut their hair short at least once in their lifetime. Hair is there to experiment with, after all. And I did make me feel very confident for a spell. I also loved the feeling of the breeze on the back of my neck. . . So refreshing! And it was such less time to get ready in the morning.

Yeah this thread is dangerous. I'm just going to stay away from the haircut threads because they make me feel impulsive.
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I honestly didn't know that there was a salon thngamajig on here! haha i'll check it out, thank you!
Good luck with your impulsive hair cutting feelings hahah