My daughter's hair tangled like that when it was damaged. Some basics....A good hair cut and moisturizing will help. Make sure to only comb (wide tooth comb or pick) when wet with conditioner for the least amount of damage. Be very gentle when cleansing and dont pile hair on top of her head or rough it up.
My hair is tangled once it dries too... Just part of having curls. My hair is not hair you can run your fingers thru neither is my daughter's.
I used Tresemme Naturals conditioner to cleanse and condition for my daughter... Occasionally adding a good protein treatment. You'll just have to experiment to see what her hair wants. I use heavier products on my 3a/b hair while my daughter needs lighter products on her 3a hair.
Put up at night so it doesnt tangle. Give her a silk pillowcase. Only comb when wet with a wide tooth comb or pick. Just experiment with other ways to hold her hair back. Moisture and/or protein are the key to keeping curls healthy.