so todays experiment was with a "hi pro pac extremely damaged hair protein treatment"
I left that in for 5 minutes or so, the followed that with the cantu shea DT for a couple minutes. Put some extra on my canopy, scrunched with a t shirt, gelled the ever-living bajesus outta my hair with a mix of devacurl and la look sport, plopped for probably an hour, then just let air dry with some clips in the roots.

The results are... unexpected.
I didn't overly break up my curls when I SOTC cause I wanted to see if less touching meant less frizz, and I have what I can only describe is shirly temple curls, but if you were to take them and stretch them out. big clumps (more broken up in back though) and very loose long spirals.
This coming from a 2c who only gets spirals on a lucky day, and maybe only 2-3 that I can actually see and always are hidden underneath.

Now i'm starting to wonder if I had diffused, if these spirals would be more tight. *sigh* the experimentation never ends!